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Moo0 RightClicker Pro 1.53

It offers a set of enhancements for the Windows' context menu
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The context menu is the menu that appears when you right-click a file or folder, and it also represents a great feature of any Windows system as it provides quick and easy access to a lot of useful functions. Even though it’s already very handy, it can still be improved using tools such as this one. Moo0 RightClicker Pro is a neat, simple and effective application that adds plenty of useful options to the context menu of Windows Explorer. Anyway, Moo0 RightClicker Pro doesn’t only enhance the Windows context menu with a lot of useful additional functions, but it also represents a solution to customize this menu. Using it you can easily apply a skin to the menu, changing its color and the fonts. Removing existing entries from the context menu can also be done using this tool and its menu customization possibilities.

Among the many additional options that it provides, the most remarkable ones are the enhanced copying and moving possibilities that let you quickly transfer around files and folders, as well as copy their full paths or batch copy / move them to specific folders. Shortcut creation and bookmark management are also possible.

Cutting long story short, Moo0 RightClicker Pro is really powerful and handy, helping you get the best out of the Windows’ context menu.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Offers plenty of customization options as well
  • Allows creation and management of shortcuts and bookmarks


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